At The Feeder May 2021

April brings the showers, May brings the sun and spring begins to bloom – well it did when I was a lot younger, now days it appears to rain until mid May.  However the weather was kinder, the birds were beginning their courtships and fledglings would soon be on the scene.  Thankfully no further damage… Continue reading At The Feeder May 2021

At The Feeder April 2021

At last normality returns.  Storms died down and the sun broke through the clouds several times.  No more destroyed feeders loss of seeds etc. Visiting birds began to return some old some new:  I do try to discourage the bigger birds but with such bad winter we did get:    

At the Feeder January-March 2021

  Looking back at my folders for the above months I was reminded that when 2020 went out it did not go quietly or gently into the night. It went screaming and promising that 2021 would come in like a roaring lion.  2021 (as far as Livingston was concerned) came in like an angry vengeful… Continue reading At the Feeder January-March 2021

October-December 2020 At the Feeder

The weather gave fair warning that it was going out the way it came in – Cold, wild, wet and very windy.  I was glad to see the back of that year.  Unfortunately the year ended on a bad note for me.  Whilst working on my model railway layout I had and accident-a fall-and suffered… Continue reading October-December 2020 At the Feeder

July – September 2020 At the Feeder

The renovated garden as at 26th June 2020 Replacement feeders were purchased along with seed, meal worms and fat blocks.  These were placed between the raided bed and centre point at the fence. The location was ideal as it was across from the Livingroom window – where my PC was located and my trusty Canon… Continue reading July – September 2020 At the Feeder

Introduction-Setting the Scene

I live in a mid terraced single storey house.  My front door leads to the pathway between the house in front of mine. My backdoor leads to a small garden.  My late wife (Susan) and I planned it to attract birds, butterflies etc.The garden usually gets a makeover at the end of February/beginning of March.… Continue reading Introduction-Setting the Scene