October-December 2020 At the Feeder

The weather gave fair warning that it was going out the way it came in – Cold, wild, wet and very windy.  I was glad to see the back of that year.  Unfortunately the year ended on a bad note for me.  Whilst working on my model railway layout I had and accident-a fall-and suffered concussion.  It appeared that I slipped on a small sheet of bubble wrap which had fallen from the packaging of a new model I was unwrapping at the time.  I spent the next 3 hours in hospital and threatened to keep me in overnight (Observation – standard procedure).  However I pointed out I had Home Help and neighbours who would keep checking on me so I was allowed home with the understanding I would check in with them on following day.

Robin (Erithacus rebecla)



At The Feeder October 2020





Due to inclement weather and the incident with bubble wrap not many pictures were taken in December.  This has resulted in a combined November/December album.

Grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)

Why the squirrel you ask?  It was a visitor to my bird feeders – poor creature must have been desperate for food.  He/she was very welcome to the seeds on the ground.  Alas my menu must have not met his/her standars as it never visited again.

At the Feeder November/December





We move on to 2021 – and more damaged to garden.  Oh what fun was the start of 2021.


By walter hampson

Born in Glasgow, Scotland I now reside in Livingston. The journey between those two locations spans Europe and Asia. During that journey my interest in photography was born. However it was not until the digital age my interest become an addiction. Film photography was just a sometime hobby as my interests in the 80's was the new-fangled personal computer, this lasted up until 2004 when I purchased my first digital camera. The combination of computer and digital camera gave me full control of my photography.