Introduction-Setting the Scene

I live in a mid terraced single storey house.  My front door leads to the pathway between the house in front of mine. My backdoor leads to a small garden.  My late wife (Susan) and I planned it to attract birds, butterflies etc.The garden usually gets a makeover at the end of February/beginning of March. Within the area are three bird tables and five birdfeeders .

Nikon D5300, ISO 6400 1/20th Sec f3.5 Tamron 18-200 zoom

Since 2000 the garden feeders has attracted many birds whilst I had time to watch them I never could take photographs.

This changed in 2005 when I bought my first ever digital camera a point and shoot simple look, press button Nikon Coolpix 7900 which led to a Pentax *istds DSLR then Pentax K10D.  I eventually came to rely on a Canon 60D fitted with a Sigma 150-500 APO Zoom lens to photograph the birds that visited my feeder stations, until that was stolen last year.  Since then I’ve used a Nikon D7100 with Sigma 150-500 zoom.  Today I bought a new Sigma 150-600 zoom Canon fit and testing with  Canon 500D. I’m thinking about buying a Canon 90D this month, I’ll decide when I finish testing the Canon 500D and the Sigma 100-600 zoom combination.


By walter hampson

Born in Glasgow, Scotland I now reside in Livingston. The journey between those two locations spans Europe and Asia. During that journey my interest in photography was born. However it was not until the digital age my interest become an addiction. Film photography was just a sometime hobby as my interests in the 80's was the new-fangled personal computer, this lasted up until 2004 when I purchased my first digital camera. The combination of computer and digital camera gave me full control of my photography.