January – February 2020 – At the Feeder Visitors

As mentioned in previous blogs Winter 2019/2020 was bad.  Regardless of how I felt and my emotional state I maintained the feeders and ensured that they were filled at all times.  In addition to the seed feeders I had fat Balls, Fat block (with insects and/or meal worms).  I kept two feeders with mixed seed as well as two with Sunflower hearts. Rather than swamp the pages with lost of images I have provided links to:



January 2020 Album 




February 2020 Album




Regretfully due to Storms the feeders were damaged beyond repair and weather was not conductive to photography so no images available for March 2020.


By walter hampson

Born in Glasgow, Scotland I now reside in Livingston. The journey between those two locations spans Europe and Asia. During that journey my interest in photography was born. However it was not until the digital age my interest become an addiction. Film photography was just a sometime hobby as my interests in the 80's was the new-fangled personal computer, this lasted up until 2004 when I purchased my first digital camera. The combination of computer and digital camera gave me full control of my photography.